Remembering James Suh

Today a young man came to our office. Jack, 23, was dressed smartly, slacks and a long sleeve, buttoned at the wrist, neatly pressed blue shirt. Well groomed and very polite. Stands about 6 feet, lean and handsome. We shook hands and he followed me to my office, walking past my wife Carol who was sitting at a desk mounting a couple of photographs of two soldiers in their frames. Jack glanced over Carol’s shoulder with a look of curiosity on his face. Jack stopped and asked, “Ma’am, is that your son? He is very handsome. Is he in the military?” I immediately stopped, turned and swallowed waiting for Carol’s reply. Carol swiveled in her chair to face Jack, whom she had not yet met, and replied; “That is James, James Suh. He was a Navy Seal, (pause) killed in Afghanistan. He’s not my son. But, I’m sure his family is quite proud of him.” Another pause and I could see Carol was beginning to choke up.

Carol continued, “James was killed, along with several others, while trying to save another Navy Seal. We are preparing for a conference, and we will be honoring Mr. Suh along with several other Fallen Soldiers. That’s why I am mounting his photo.”

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t know.” Jack’s eyes went from Carol to the photo of James. Staring at the photo he said, “I leave for Afghanistan in January, ma’am. Marines.”

For a brief moment, Jack’s and James eyes seem to lock, as though something was being communicated between the two soldiers.

Brave young men and women like Jack are the reason why it is my mission to raise money to support veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. As I said before, I will stop asking for donations when the last soldier returns home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, once again I am asking. Please give. These heroes need our help.

Please read more about James Suh and the Mission Continues James E. Suh Memorial Fellowship.

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