Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

Recently, I mentioned to an old friend how difficult it is to ask for money, even though it is going toward a noble cause. I said, “It is easier asking for business!” My friend replied, “It is a universal process. You get back more than you ever will expect or want.”

August 28, 2009, Friday’s Wall Street Journal, front page, shows a soldier kneeling over a small make shift memorial somewhere in Afghanistan paying tribute to a Fallen comrade.

We are reminded of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan every day. Another Fallen Soldier! Another wounded soldier! Twenty years ago I would have never read this e-mail. Twenty years ago I would have read past the front page of The Wall Street Journal, not wanting to be reminded. Twenty years ago, I would have pretended it was not happening. Twenty years ago I would have become quite tired of Mr. Abrams’ continuous plea asking for more and more. Enough is enough, I would have said!

But, this year I turned 62. I am a veteran and, frankly, no one gave a damn when my peers and I returned home from Vietnam in 1968. I do not want to see that happen again to today’s soldiers.

“As I grow older, I grow more urgently interested in what deed I might do today, in case I don’t have tomorrow.” Said by President William Jefferson Clinton to Nelson Mandela on his 91st birthday. My wife Carol thought this quote is quite appropriate.

Unfortunately, the wars continue. The death toll continues. The wounded continue to return home. The soldiers, not wounded continue to return home. Their needs and those of their families continue. What better way to say thank you then to provide them funds for academic and vocational scholarships?

Carol and I wish to thank those of you that have given, and especially those that continue to give.

Those that have not yet given, please consider one dollar; just one dollar at a time.

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